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Since 1982 European Coatings has prided itself on offering complete customer satisfaction. In speaking with many of the customers who buy refinishing materials from us now, we have found that our higher quality products not only hold up better in day to day use, but also allow the installer to give a longer warranty ( most ranging in 5-10 years ).

Twelve-hour use by their customers also helped put them at the top. Most people prefer to use their bathroom as soon as possible. For the commercial customer, like a hotel, restaurant, or apartment building, their loss of service is only 12 hours, as compared to 48-72 hours with the competitors reglazing products. Note that the 12-hour dry time is without the use of heat lamps.

Our goal is to help owners and operators in the Bathroom & Kitchen refinishing industry reach their full potential, which exists for this fast growing business opportunity. Using the best products available guarantee the best results for you and your customers.

Bathroom remodeling represents a whopping 61% of the $233 billion dollar home remodeling industry in the U.S. Remodeling saled have nearly doubled in the last decade and show no signs of slowing. Countless homes, apartments, hotels and motels across the country require refinishing work.

Refinishing offers incredible flexibility to the homeowner and the service provider...

Refinishing Bathrooms save the consumer on average 75% of replacement.

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