Cleaners & Washdown

Degreaser - Final Wipe

  • Cuts oil based residues easily
  • Used as a last wipe down prior to Primer coat
  • Can also be used as a soap film cleaner prior to etching
  • Safe on all surfaces including previously painted products, fiberglass, acrylic, & formica

    FW 100: Gallon $45.95

Dust Eliminator Final Wash

  • Eliminates dust on products prior to finishing
  • Two towel method. Wipe on product, wipe off with dry towel
  • Dries immediately

    DE 841G: Gallon $55.95

    DE 840Q: Quart $19.95

Soap Film Remover

  • Chemically dissolves soap film deposits quickly and effortlessly,  replacing hard scrubbing from abrasives
  • Can be used prior to etching for better product adhesion
  • Can also be used as a long term cleaner after refinishing
  • Concentrated for diluting in water – 1 part soap film remover to 8 parts water 

SF 110: Gallon    $24.95


Silicone Remover

  • Assists in the release silicone from its adhesion to products
  • Safe on all bathroom & kitchen products
  • Helps with adhesion, cutting down on contamination

SR 837: Quart    $19.95


Tack Rags

  • Helps control dust by picking it up off the surface
  • Cuts down on static that attracts dust
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Should be used before primer & topcoat

TR: Pack of 6    $14.000


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